10 Disruptive Technologies

Did the invention of the food dehydrator really change your life? How about the Internet? Some technologies have little impact on the world around us, while others are like major earthquakes on the seismographs of history. --Heather Whipps

10.) Magnetic Stripe Card
It's hard to imagine banking, shopping or traveling without the swish-swipe of a plastic card. Invented by IBM in the 1960s for a security system commissioned by the U.S. government, the strip relies on data encrypted in the form of tiny magnets. It is now one of the most universal technologies on earth.

9.) Gun Powder
Imagine the alchemist's surprise when a compound he mixed searching for eternal life nearly killed him instead! Chinese scientists first combined sulfur, saltpeter and charcoal in the 8th century and it wasn't long before someone thought to turn the mixture into a weapon. Warfare would never be the same.

8.) Iron Smelting
The Iron Age began at different times all over the globe starting around 1200 BC and, when it did, brought major changes to every day life. Both farming and war became easier with better tools. As a widely available ore across the ancient world, it also made trade less of a necessity and settlements more independent.

7.) Rubber
It drips from a tree like maple syrup, but the gooey liquid known as latex is much more important than the sweet stuff you pour on pancakes. The product was a mere curiosity when first discovered in the New World by European sailors, but became a hot commodity with the advent of the car. The automotive industry now uses nearly 70 percent of the world's rubber supply.

6.) X-Rays
Tell someone plucked from the past that you can look right inside the body without cutting it open and you'd be branded a wizard. X-ray technology had an enormous impact on the field of medicine right from its beginnings in the late 1800s, illuminating the diseases and disorders that lurked beneath patients' skin.

5.) Microprocessor
Once upon a time, an entire room was necessary to house one computer no more powerful than today's typical laptop. We live in a different era now thanks to the microprocessor (or CPU), that tiny beating heart of your desktop or laptop that just keeps getting smaller at the same time its gets more powerful.

4.) Electricity
Nobody is certain about the whole key, kite and lightning story, but Benjamin Franklin was part of the team effort to unravel the mystery of electricity in the 18th century, along with other great minds such as Edison, Tesla and Volta. The shift from the era of mechanization saw power become instant and easy to access.

3.) Nuclear Fission
In the 1930s, a handful of brilliant physicists figured out how to coax apart a teeny atom of uranium to produce energy of unimaginable magnitude. The discovery would lead directly to the nuclear bomb and change warfare forever (again). Nuclear fission isn't all doomsday and destruction, however; love it or condemn it, nuclear power plants also rely on fission science.

2.) Flight
With apologies to the balloonists and hang gliders of the 1800s, it was the Wright Brothers' twelve-second flight in 1903 that really set the world on a new course. Getting to another continent now takes a few hours, instead of weeks or even months. Flight has brought the planet together like nothing else, for better or for worse.

1.) The Internet
Most of us can remember that moment in the '90s when we first chatted online or listened to the blips and beeps of dial-up access. The technology behind the Internet was actually in place by the 1980s, but didn't gain a public face until the first "world wide web" site was published by Swiss-based laboratory CERN in 1991. The rest is history, which, like everything else, is all documented on the Internet.

source : livescience.com

10 Celebrity with the Big & Best Shaped Backside

Researchers show that having a generous backside and thighs cuts levels of 'bad' cholesterol and raises levels of the 'good' cholesterol that protect against hardening of the arteries. It also cuts the risk of diabetes, it acting as a 'buffer', mopping up fats which could have dangerous effects elsewhere in the body. It may also make higher levels of hormones known to affect appetite and weight. Finally, it breaks down more slowly than belly fat, it also means it produces fewer chemicals called inflammatory cytokines which have been linked to heart disease, diabetes and obesity. It's feminine... to have a big backside chances are you have wide hips too and women who have hips carry pregnancies better and deliver easier. It's also attractive for the guys the hips, thighs and the backside.

Jennifer Lopez

Kim Kardashian


Jessica Biel

Sofia Vergara

Nicki Minaj

Serena Williams


Nicole 'coco' Austin

Vida Guerra

10 Deadly Sins of Negative Thinking

The way to overcome negative thoughts and destructive emotions is to develop opposing, positive emotions that are stronger and more powerful.” - Dalai Lama
Life could be so much better for many people, if they would just spot their negative thinking habits and replace them with positive ones.
Negative thinking, in all its many-splendored forms, has a way of creeping into conversations and our thinking without our noticing them. The key to success, in my humble opinion, is learning to spot these thoughts and squash them like little bugs. Then replace them with positive ones. You’ll notice a huge difference in everything you do.
 Let’s take a look at 10 common ways that negative thinking emerges — get good at spotting these patterns, and practice replacing them with positive thinking patterns. It has made all the difference in the world for me.
1. I will be happy once I have _____ (or once I earn X).

If you think you can’t be happy until you reach a certain point, or until you reach a certain income, or have a certain type of house or car or computer setup, you’ll never be happy. That elusive goal is always just out of reach. Once we reach those goals, we are not satisfied — we want more.
Solution: Learn to be happy with what you have, where you are, and who you are, right at this moment. Happiness doesn’t have to be some state that we want to get to eventually — it can be found right now. Learn to count your blessings, and see the positive in your situation. This might sound simplistic, but it works.
2. I wish I were as ____ as (a celebrity, friend, co-worker).

We’ll never be as pretty, as talented, as rich, as sculpted, as cool, as everyone else. There will always be someone better, if you look hard enough. Therefore, if we compare ourselves to others like this, we will always pale, and will always fail, and will always feel bad about ourselves. This is no way to be happy.
Solution: Stop comparing yourself to others, and look instead at yourself — what are your strengths, your accomplishments, your successes, however small? What do you love about yourself? Learn to love who you are, right now, not who you want to become. There is good in each of us, love in each of us, and a wonderful human spirit in every one of us.
3. Seeing others becoming successful makes me jealous and resentful.

First, this assumes that only a small number of people can be successful. In truth, many, many people can be successful — in different ways.
Solution: Learn to admire the success of others, and learn from it, and be happy for them, by empathizing with them and understanding what it must be like to be them. And then turn away from them, and look at yourself — you can be successful too, in whatever you choose to do. And even more, you already are successful. Look not at those above you in the social ladder, but those below you — there are always millions of people worse off than you, people who couldn’t even read this article or afford a computer. In that light, you are a huge success.
4. I am a miserable failure — I can’t seem to do anything right.

Everyone is a failure, if you look at it in certain ways. Everyone has failed, many times, at different things. I have certainly failed so many times I cannot count them — and I continue to fail, daily. However, looking at your failures as failures only makes you feel bad about yourself. By thinking in this way, we will have a negative self-image and never move on from here.
Solution: See your successes and ignore your failures. Look back on your life, in the last month, or year, or 5 years. And try to remember your successes. If you have trouble with this, start documenting them — keep a success journal, either in a notebook or online. Document your success each day, or each week. When you look back at what you’ve accomplished, over a year, you will be amazed. It’s an incredibly positive feeling.
5. I’m going to beat so-and-so no matter what — I’m better than him. And there’s no way I’ll help him succeed — he might beat me.

Competitiveness assumes that there is a small amount of gold to be had, and I need to get it before he does. It makes us into greedy, back-stabbing, hurtful people. We try to claw our way over people to get to success, because of our competitive feelings. For example, if a blogger wants to have more subscribers than another blogger, he may never link to or mention that other blogger. However, who is to say that my subscribers can’t also be yours? People can read and subscribe to more than one blog.
Solution: Learn to see success as something that can be shared, and learn that if we help each other out, we can each have a better chance to be successful. Two people working towards a common goal are better than two people trying to beat each other up to get to that goal. There is more than enough success to go around. Learn to think in terms of abundance rather than scarcity.
6. Dammit! Why do these bad things always happen to me?

Bad things happen to everybody. If we dwell on them, they will frustrate us and bring us down.
Solution: See bad things as a part of the ebb and flow of life. Suffering is a part of the human condition — but it passes. All pain goes away, eventually. Meanwhile, don’t let it hold you back. Don’t dwell on bad things, but look forward towards something good in your future. And learn to take the bad things in stride, and learn from them. Bad things are actually opportunities to grow and learn and get stronger, in disguise.
7. You can’t do anything right! Why can’t you be like ____ ?

This can be said to your child or your subordinate or your sibling. The problem? Comparing two people, first of all, is always a fallacy. People are different, with different ways of doing things, different strengths and weaknesses, different human characteristics. If we were all the same, we’d be robots. Second, saying negative things like this to another person never helps the situation. It might make you feel better, and more powerful, but in truth, it hurts your relationship, it will actually make you feel negative, and it will certainly make the other person feel negative and more likely to continue negative behavior. Everyone loses.
Solution: Take the mistakes or bad behavior of others as an opportunity to teach. Show them how to do something. Second, praise them for their positive behavior, and encourage their success. Last, and most important, love them for who they are, and celebrate their differences.
8. Your work sucks. It’s super lame. You are a moron and I hope you never reproduce.

I’ve actually gotten this comment before. It feels wonderful. However, let’s look at it not from the perspective of the person receiving this kind of comment but from the perspective of the person giving it. How does saying something negative like this help you? I guess it might feel good to vent if you feel like your time has been wasted. But really, how much of your time has been wasted? A few minutes? And whose fault is that? The bloggers or yours? In truth, making negative comments just keeps you in a negative mindset. It’s also not a good way to make friends.
Solution: Learn to offer constructive solutions, first of all. Instead of telling someone their blog sucks, or that a post is lame, offer some specific suggestions for improvement. Help them get better. If you are going to take the time to make a comment, make it worth your time. Second, learn to interact with people in a more positive way — it makes others feel good and it makes you feel better about yourself. And you can make some great friends this way. That’s a good thing.
9. Insulting People Back

If someone insults you or angers you in some way, insulting them back and continuing your anger only transfers their problem to you. This person was probably having a bad day (or a bad year) and took it out on you for some reason. If you reciprocate, you are now having a bad day too. His problem has become yours. Not only that, but the cycle of insults can get worse and worse until it results in violence or other negative consequences — for both of you. 

Solution: Let the insults or negative comments of others slide off you like Teflon. Don’t let their problem become yours. In fact, try to understand their problem more — why would someone say something like that? What problems are they going through? Having a little empathy for someone not only makes you understand that their comment is not about you, but it can make you feel and act in a positive manner towards them — and make you feel better about yourself in the process.
10. I don’t think I can do this — I don’t have enough discipline. Maybe some other time.

If you don’t think you can do something, you probably won’t. Especially for the big stuff. Discipline has nothing to do with it — motivation and focus has everything to do with it. And if you put stuff off for “some other time”, you’ll never get it done. Negative thinking like this inhibits us from accomplishing anything.
Solution: Turn your thinking around: you can do this! You don’t need discipline. Find ways to make yourself a success at your goal. If you fail, learn from your mistakes, and try again. Instead of putting a goal off for later, start now. And focus on one goal at a time, putting all of your energy into it, and getting as much help from others as you can. You can really move mountains if you start with positive thinking.

10 Unusual Names of Celebrity Babies

The 30-year-old singer Beyonce Knowles and her husband rapper Jay Z  has given birth to a baby daughter  named  "Ivy Blue Carter". The name quickly became a treanding topic on twitter.

Actress Shannyn Sossamon has named her son "Audio Science" does it sounds like scientist or an alien.

Nicolas Cage is a comic book afacionado, and that's what inspired him to name his son "Kal-El", after Superman's birth name.

This one is also unique of them all, Actor Jason Lee has named his son "Pilot Inspektor" !

Singer-actress Jessica Simpson has delivered a baby girl named "Maxwell Drew Johnson". Maxi for short.

Ben Affleck's elder daughter get it's name from a color "Violet".

Clueless star Alicia Silverstone and husband Christopher Jarecki has a baby boy named "Bear Blu" a blue bear ofcourse.

David Beckham and wife Victoria Beckham has named their baby girl "Harper Seven". Seven is David's jersey number in England and Manchester United. 

Gwyneth Paltrow and musician husband Chris Martin named their daughter after a fruit "Apple" .

Actor Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes named their firstborn child as "Suri". In hebrew suri means princess and in persian it means red rose.

10 Top Gadgets of 2014 that Designers Will Want to Own

We reveal the clever gizmos designers across the globe will be drooling over this year. Will you succumb to any of these techie temptations?

2014 looks to be a great year for designer gadgets. From cool new cameras to the latest in wearable tech, there's tons of tempting new hardware out there. But is any of it any good? We've searched through thousands of new gadgets - some in the pipeline, some already on the market - to find the diamonds in the rough, and here they are. These are the 10 gadgets we reckon are worth checking out this year - although whether you actually part money for them is entirely a matter for you and your bank manager...

1. Poppy

Designer gadgets Poppy
Turn your iPhone into a 3D camera with Poppy

  • Price: $59.95
  • Available: Now
Poppy is an ultra-cool, Kickstarter-funded iPhone accessory that turns your Apple device into a 3D camera.
Working with iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5 and the fifth generation iPod Touch, you simply put your phone into the View-Master-esque device and Poppy captures two stereographic images using your iPhone's single camera.
You can also use Poppy to view 3D videos and photos on your iPhone - and even 3D movies on YouTube. And having no electronics (or needing any batteries) means that the cost is kept down: Poppy only costs $59.95. Looks like a lot of fun.

02. LaCie Christofle Sphère

Designer gadgets Lacie
Is this the most beautiful hard drive ever?

  • Price: $490
  • Available: Now
It's difficult to imagine a cooler hard drive than this one by LaCie.
Made to complement high-design computers such as Apple'sMac Pro, the silver-plated Sphère has been designed by luxury silversmiths Christofle. It's certainly a head-turning device, and with 1TB of storage and USB 3 (and no power cable), it's as useful as it is beautiful.
It's also worth looking at LaCie's other recent release – a USB 3 key designed by Constance Guisset.

03. Polaroid Social Matic

Designer gadgets Polaroid
A camera that looks like a camera app icon - how meta can you get?

  • Price: TBC
  • Available: TBC
The Polaroid Social Matic was of the most intriguing gadgets to emerge from CES, the annual Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas last week. With a physical likeness to the Instagram app icon that will certainly turn heads, this Android-powered camera enables you to take shots and quickly share directly to social platforms.
The Social Matic has a 14-megapixel front and 2-megapixel rear camera, a 4.5-inch touchscreen and built-in Wi-Fi. But the real fun starts when you realise the Social Matic can print out your 2 x 3-inch snaps directly onto Zink (Zero Ink) paper. So you'll not only have a digital record of your shots, but also a physical one. Essentially then, it's a modern-day Polaroid.

04. Pebble Steel

Designer gadgets Pebble
Will Pebble win the battle of the smartwatches?

  • Price: $249
  • Available: Feb 2014
It's widely predicted that 2014 will be the year of wearable technology. But while we've already seen so-called 'smartwatches' from the likes of Sony and Samsung, we're betting that the new Pebble Steel will be the one to win the day.
As well as having all the cool apps and functionality, such as being able to take calls, read messages, control music and so on, the Pebble Steel actually looks the part with a steel or leather strap (both are included). And with Pebble soon to launch an app store, there's potentially loads of new apps on the horizon. Read a review of the Pebble Steel on our sister site here.

05. Mother

Designer gadgets Mother
Mother will watch over your home at all times. Not at all creepy...

  • Price: $222
  • Available: Now
One for the designer parents amongst you, Mother is a small, Russian doll-like device that connects to your home network and, in conjunction with 'Motion Cookies' (which can detect motion, temperature and location), enables you to monitor and track different areas of your life.
For instance, you might want to get an alert when your son or daughter gets home, or if there's movement detected in the house when you're not expecting it.
You could even attach a Motion Cookie to a toothbrush to monitor whether you (or your family) clean your teeth enough. Or attach one to your pills – the accelerometer in the Motion Cookie attached to the packet detecting whether you've taken your medication that day. There are literally hundreds of possibilities.

06. Wellograph

Designer gadgets Wellograph
If your New Year's resolution was to get fit, this may be the gadget for you

  • Price: Expected to be around $300
  • Available: Spring 2014
More wearable tech, the Wellograph is an activity tracker, heart rate monitor and running watch that gives you live information about your activity.
While the aluminium and leather design is stylish, and the display looks gorgeous, what makes Wellograph really cool is the way it displays your pulse, fitness, workout, steps and other data in simple infographics. It also nags you if you've been idle for too long.
Naturally, it pairs with an iOS and Android app to display your information in more detail. Definitely one to look out for if tracking fitness is your thing, the Wellograph arrives in spring this year.

07. URB-E

Designer gadgets URB-E
Will this be the coolest way for designers to get around in 2014?

  • Price: Expected to be $1,000-15,000
  • Available: TBC
Touting itself as the world's most compact e-vehicle, the URB-E may just be the ideal way to get to that next client meeting, or to just pop out and grab some coffee.
It may look slightly silly at first, but when you watch the video on the company's website you soon realise just how cool this vehicle is - and could make your commute a whole lot of fun.
The URB-E goes up to 15mph, is extremely compact and lightweight, has a 20 mile range (the company is developing charging stations for towns and cities) and it may even have a smartphone dock so you can slot your iPhone in.

08. Panono Camera

Designer gadgets Panono
It's a ball. It's a camera. Just think of the possibilities

  • Price: TBC
  • Available: TBC
Here's something a bit different. The Panono Camera is a ball with 36 cameras built in. You throw it in the air and the accelerometer inside the camera measures the launch acceleration to calculate when the camera is at its highest point and barely moving.
Then, all 36 cameras are triggered and the moment is captured. This means you get a 360-degree x 360-degree spherical image captured which you can then preview (panning around, rather like Google Street View) in the Panono app (iOS and Android) before stitching and sharing. Images are spat out at 108-megapixels.
A very interesting product that looks like a lot of fun, with huge potential for creative projects.

09. Nikon DF

Designer gadgets Nikon DF
Nikon has gone all back to the future on us for 2014

  • Price: $2,750
  • Available: Now
As camera technology gets better and better, it's rather strange that many companies are reverting back to the look and feel of older cameras. But trends are trends, and to be honest, we're not complaining… we love the retro look of many of Nikon and Olympus' new models.
Nikon's latest SLR with 'classic' styling, the DF, has a 16.2-megapixel full-frame FX-format image sensor, small body, traditional controls and is weatherproof. Beyond the specs (which you can read about on TechRadar here), it's a very nice looking camera indeed.

10. Neptune Pine

Neptune Pine
It doesn't connect to your phone. It IS your phone

  • Price: From $335
  • Available: March
Most smartwatches connect to another device to perform actions. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy Gear will connect to an S4 or Note 3 smartphone and enable you to answer calls or reply to messages on the device.
The Neptune Pine, however, is different - it actually IS a phone, as well as a watch. This enables you to make calls, send messages, take pictures and even post to social media sites directly from the device.
It's powered by Android Jelly Bean, and it is somewhat (er, very) large to have on your wrist. But it has a minimalist design and could, just maybe, replace your smartphone in future iterations. One for the early adopters. Read Tech Radar's full review here.
Visit this Source link: www.creativebloq.com
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